America / Alfred F. Jones (oldglory) wrote,
America / Alfred F. Jones

I wanna be, wanna be, wanna be famous

Are you serious? I get to be on TV?!

Ha ha, for a minute there I almost didn't know what was going on! But this is cool! Awesome! I'm really honored. Although, you know, they could have just asked and I'd have been happy to do it, but if it's a reality show I can completely see why you'd want to throw everybody in blind. For dramatic tension and all. Just warn a guy next time, okay?

So, now what? I don't remember signing any paperwork for this. Medical release, liability ...? I mean, I'm not gonna get hurt or anything, but I know about all that pain-in-the-ass red tape you have to go through in this business.
Tags: !w1, boring legal stuff, yay tee vee
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